FBA Prep Prices and Discount Plans

You probably ended up here looking for some FBA Prep information. We're excited to get you some more info about our offered services and pricing. We enjoy working with other Amazon and e-commerce sellers to help them grow and expand their business with the help of our qualified and down to earth prep team.
Just to give you a bit of background, we've been prepping items for FBA for nearly 2 years now. It started out with our own goods that were being sent into our FBA account. Then one day we got this crazy idea to get a real warehouse and offer these services to some fellow sellers in the local area. It's grown to over 10,000 units per month and we're looking to expand a bit to help more sellers achieve the "hands off" life style that e-commerce is all about.
Let's get down to it. Our pricing is fair, straightforward, and we even offer a discounted subscription service which can save you hundreds per month if you choose that route. We are 100% hands off after you place your inventory and prep orders. We will need sub account access to your seller central which allows us to select the proper inventory and handle the entire shipment from start to finish. With these permissions we are ONLY able to see inventory and manage shipments. Alright, let's get to the pricing.
Standard Prep
$1.50/unit which includes:
--- Initial receiving and inspection of incoming goods from your suppliers
--- Single unit or 2 pack multipacks (anything more, see bundle/kit pricing below)
--- FNSKU Labeling
--- Poly Bag (if needed)
--- Expiration Label (if needed)
--- Dunnage
--- Outbound Shipping Boxes
--- Creating the shipping plan within your Seller Central account
--- Standard carrier pickup same day or within 24 hours (FedEx and UPS)
--- Note: Minimum of 12 units per prep order. Any order sent under 12 units total will be charged the $18 minimum (12x$1.50=$18)
(DOUBLE NOTE: If you are a monthly subscriber, the minimum charge goes away!)
Bundle/Kit Prep
$2.50/each which includes:
--- 3+ units/SKUs bundled together
--- FNSKU Labeling
--- Poly Bag (if needed)
--- Expiration Label (if needed)
--- Dunnage
--- Outbound Shipping Boxes
--- Creating the shipping plan within your Seller Central account
--- Standard carrier pickup same day or within 24 hours. (FedEx and UPS)
Additional Charges (when applicable)
--- Glass/Fragile Items, add $.60/each unit or bundle
--- LTL/Pallet shipping: $20 per pallet which includes wrap and proper FBA labeling as well as scheduling pickup with Amazon partnered LTL carriers.
--- E-commerce fulfillment services (funnel sales, website sales, other e-commerce platforms: Charged by the unit based on monthly volumes. Actual shipping charges apply. Storage fees can be discussed based on monthly volume needs. Contact us for a custom quote.)
Subscription Plans are available for volume sellers. See options below and estimated savings based on just 500 units per month prepped.
--- Choice Pricing Subscription: $59/month - 10% off all prices shown above.
---- Select Pricing Subscription: $109/month - 25% off all prices shown above.
----- Prime Pricing Subscription: $159/month - 50% off all prices shown above.
------ FBA Returns Processing: $29/month - This service is offered to help you keep any damaged returns out of the hands of another buyer. After signing up, simply set your auto removal orders to send your FBA returns directly to our facility. We will inspect the items for damages or anything that would hinder them from being sent back to FBA. If they are damaged, we can dispose of them here. If they are still in sell-able condition, we will prep and send into your account accordingly.
The subscription plans are meant for the volume sellers. It could easily make sense if you're currently going through even 500+ units per month in your FBA account. The easy math breaks it down to this:
$59/month - 10% off all prep costs
$59/500=$.118, let's say $.12/unit. 1.35+.12=1.47, Savings come to .03*500=15 - netting you $15/month even after the subscription fee, and that's just for basic units! The subscription gets you that % off everything!
$109/month - 25% off all prep costs
$109/500=$.218, so $.22/unit. 1.13+.22=1.35, Savings come to .15*500=75 - netting you $75/month, again, this is just the basic pricing and is after subscription fee!
$159/month - 50% off all prep costs
$159/500=$.318, so $.32/unit. .75+.32=1.07, Savings come to .43*500- $215/month in savings! Seems like a no brainer, really. Especially if you're doing anything close to 500 units or above as in the example. (PS: We did the math on just 250 units at this top tier discount and you'd save $27.50/month of the standard rates at just 250 units!! Talk about VALUE!)
The subscriptions are not mandatory. These are just in place to add value for our customers who are looking to save a little more on the services that they already need!
Fine Print: No contract required. Subscription fees are charged monthly via PayPal to the credit card or payment method you choose upon checkout. Prep orders are billed as completed. We require having a credit card on file so that we can process the charges prior to sending the order out. Your information is stored securely within our Quickbooks accounting software after the first invoice is paid. We will walk you through the processes of setting up proper permissions along with paying your first invoice and saving the payment method for all future prep invoices.
If you're ready to get started in sending us your prep orders, please follow the first link below to provide us with your basic info that we need and instructions for setting up your seller central permissions.
Seller Central Permissions Form--> http://bit.ly/2P6i21g
Note: You do not have to complete the credit card form at the end. That section is specific to a certain group of customers. Just check "no" and move on.
Once the invite process has been completed and all permissions are accurate according to the help file in the first section of the above form, please save this next form link to your Favorites for all future prep orders. This is the only way we will know if items are inbound to our warehouse! Fill it out for each shipment you have inbound to our facilities.
Inbound Prep Order Form--> http://bit.ly/2ScJAUC  
Use the below format when shipping products to our facility:
FPS Prep
c/o (your name/company name)
40 Engelwood Dr
Suite D
Lake Orion, MI 48359
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